Company introduction

Company introduction

With a hard and long experience in machine vision solutions, we are developing state-of-the-art machine vision solutions and software in a variety of fields. The software technologies that we develop with great interest are as follows:

Deep Learning software

It is an algorithm that learns key content in a large amount of data. The customer can easily assign and learn images to their own class. It is a new machine vision software that can easily solve problems that could not be examined before.

Pattern Matching

Recognize and inspect objects even if they change their orientation and location.

3D Vision

Three-dimensional geometry. Robot Bin collection and many 3D machine vision applications are possible.

Bar Code. Data Code Reading

Read all forms of bar code and data code under all difficult conditions.

Optical character recognition

Read printed characters. Read accurately even in challenging conditions, such as characters printed on crumpled cookie packages.


Check for abnormalities such as scratches, wrinkles, crushes, crushing, contamination, and voids that occur on the surface of the product in a variety of materials.

Sub-pixel measurement

For precision measurements, the boundaries of an object can be sensed by sub-pixels, extracted points, lines, circles, and arcs, and accurately measured up to 1 um or less.


Classify objects based on color, texture, size, and certain types of objects.

Our mission is to develop fast, new, deep and beautiful products.
With us, your productivity will be innovative.