One-shot measuring system - MESEN 100™

Pattern Matching. Auto edge detection. Telecentric lens

One-shot measuring system - MESEN 100™

Pattern Matching. Auto edge detection. Telecentric lens

Innovative 2D One-shot software

One-shot software measures all measurement points of the real-time image in a single click, even when the object is in a different position and direction.
You can perform your own calibration through an authorized calibrator.
You can replace traditional measuring instruments such as Micro meters, Vernier Calipers, Projectors, Measuring microscopes.

Bi-Telecentric lens

Bi-Telecentric lens suitable for precision measurements and capable of measuring large objects 90 mm in diameter at once.
Advantage: Minimize image distortion, Deep depth of focus (both below and above of a heavy object are clear)

텔레센트릭 렌즈 사용
일반렌즈 사용

photo) inflexibility of magnification (even if the Z position of an object is different, but the image size is the same)

Telecentric Parallel Lighting

Telecentric Telecentric lighting, which provides parallel light, provides the best edge intensity contrast, with a 20 to 30 percent deeper depth than normal lenses and minimizes the scattering of light.

Option: Coaxial Lighting (Upper)

Precision measurement of less than 5 um

Repeat precision measurements of less than 5 um are possible. The higher the magnification of the lens, the better the precision.

Sub-pixel Image Processing for High Precision Measurements

We applied an algorithm to break down the intensity of light into sub pixels.

Pattern matching algorithm & measurement in just 1 second

Even if you change the position and orientation of an object in the real-time image, more than 100 measurement points are automatically detected and measured, the fastest in the world, in just one second.

Equal measurement results without individual error

Sources of random error
  1. Indivisual biological variation
  2. Measurement error
  3. Sampling error

Measure multiple objects at once

Simple operation: simply set measurements and tolerances by combining points, lines, and circles.

DB: automatically saves statistics, trend graphs, and analysis reports

Export measurement results to CAD DXF file and import drawings from CAD

Supported languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese. Other languages can be added

Image Sensor selectable

Color, CMOS
max FPS
3.1M / Sony IMX265
3.45 x 3.45
1146 mv
2048 x 1536
1/1.8 inch
20M / Sony IMX183
2.4 x 2.4
462 mv
5440 x 3648

Vision Box

  • OS (Windows 10, 64 bit)
  • CPU: Intel CORE™ i5 or i7
  • RAM 16 GB, USB 3.0
  • Embedded : MESEN™ one-shot software , SQL database, XTMeasure


Bi-telecentric lens
0.088 x
0.138 x
0.35 x
1.333 x
100 dia mm
60 x 50 mm
24 x 20 mm
6 x 5 mm
Work Dist
120 mm
180 mm
67 mm
60 mm
Focus depth
16 mm
35 mm
5 mm
0.5 mm
(W)100 mm X (V)100 mm, Z axis movement: 40 mm Strengthened glass: load 3 kg
Transmission lighting
Telecentric LED(Green)
Light control
High, medium, and low adjustment buttons
160. 260. 660 mm
160. 260. 450 mm
18 ~ 20
18 ~ 20
100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Automatic recognition: 360 degree change and position
Detect edge with sub-Pixel
Correcting image distortion
Adjust camera sensitivity
How to set up measurements: Combine points, lines, circles, and arcs
Tolerance setting: absolute or % value
Simultaneous measurement points
Up to 150
Simultaneous measurement parts
Up to 150
Can be measured by ROI
Repeat Precision (Same Position)
Up to ±1 μm
Measurement precision (position change)
Up to ±5 μm
Measurement speed
Approximately 1 second
Automatically save measurement results
DB: historical, statistical analysis
Generate Excel Report
Help: Video tips on how to use
Image processing controller
OS (Windows 10, 64 bit), Intel i5 CPU,
RAM 16 GB, USB 3.0
24″ or higher (FHD: 1920 X 1080 and above)
Working environment
working temperature
+10 ~ 35°C
working humidity
20% ~ 80% RH(Non 결로)
측정 결과 서버 전송: LAN
PLC 통신: 측정 시작 및 측정 결과(OK, NG)

Note: Precision improves as objects are closer to the center of the stage and the same location.

Where to Use

  • Press workpiece, injection, extrusion, sintering, stamping, molded parts
  • Automotive and mechanical parts: pin, chip, shaft, connector, O-ring, gasket, screw, spring
  • Electronic. Semiconductors, Smartphone parts: PCB, LCD parts, lead frame, camera module
  • Medical Parts, Implant Parts

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