The field of support

Marketing : Online promotion, content creation (product usage, video, documentation, technical information), domestic and overseas partner management
Technical Support. Technical Sales : Product Demo. Training. Installation. AS, consultation, exhibition
Software Development : Machine Vision

A matter of preference

English Conversation, SNS, Content (Technical Documents, YouTube)

Working conditions

Employment Form : Full-time
Salary : Annual salary system, decision after interview.
Hours worked : 5 days a week (Monday to Friday), 09:00 to 17:30
welfare of compound interest
4 major insurances, severance pay extra // including severance pay: incentives, bonuses, and allowances other than Chinese meal allowances
Vacation: statutory annual, lightening, Labor Day, maternity leave, parental leave, etc.

Send email to apply

Please send me your introduction at and I will reply to you. We will not return the materials you sent us, and if you do not join us, we will dispose of them so that no information can be leaked.