General Terms and Conditions of Sales

General Terms and Conditions of Sales

Thank you for your interest in purchasing NextAOI (“us or we”) products.

The terms of this Agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into when we accept your order by initiating actions to be provided by us. This Agreement shall be entered into between us and you as indicated on the Quote and Order.

1. Order, Delivery. 1.1. We strive to meet delivery deadlines as stated in the order, and may experience slight variations depending on availability of products and services and procurement readiness. 1.2. You cannot cancel after ordering.

2. Inspection. If you contact us within 5 days of receipt of the product, we’ll let you know how to return and replace the damaged or defective product. If you do not contact within 5 days, your product will be considered accepted.

3. Product usage and limitations. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between you and us, you shall not purchase or distribute our products with the intention of resale.

4.Device-related services and installations, which can be installed through your local distributor when you purchase the device, provide explicitly agreed training, maintenance, repair, and other services. It also provides annual and other device service plans. For more information, please contact us.

5. Limited warranty. 5.1. The warranty is 12 months from the date of delivery. We will repair the defective products covered by the warranty free of charge or replace them with parts or products that have the same purpose. 5.2. We certify that we will carry out the service in accordance with the usual standards of management in the device service industry. 5.3. Exceptions. (a) The warranty does not apply if the product is damaged due to improper working conditions or operation (e.g. improper temperature, humidity, abnormal physical or electrical stresses) and (c) any abnormal wear and tear, equipment sold as a “medium” product, or (d) any non-conforming flood protection, modification, installation, etc. (e) shall not be used in such a manner as to prevent the use of improper use of earthquake or other than by persons outside of improperly operated guidelines.

6.1 Warranty Claims Submitment and Relief during Warranty Period. During the warranty period, you should notify us in writing as soon as possible after the failure has been detected. 6.2. Limited. Our warranty applies only to you, the buyer, and you cannot transfer the warranty. 6.3. Demo products. We do not have demo products for all of our products. The demo product may be different from the actual product. 6.4. The defective products must be charged for all shipping costs and sent to us at your expense, or the travel expenses requested by us will be provided to us.

7. Limitation of Liability. We are not liable for any direct and indirect or consequential damages for any of the following reasons: 7.1 Includes, but is not limited to, any indirect, special, punitive, composite or consequential damages, loss of profits, data loss, data inaccuracies, business losses, or sales losses that you may have caused under this Agreement or in connection with or arising from our products or services. 7.2 Whether the Baseline Act (including, but not limited to, contracts, negligence, product liability, tort, and warranties of all kinds) is included, this is true even if we are aware of the possibility of such damage. We shall not be liable for any problems involved, even if we have been claimed by a third party.

8.Intellectual Property. All intellectual property rights relating to our products and services are exclusive and exclusive to us.

9.A complete contract. This General Terms of Conditions Sales is a complete agreement between us and you with respect to the products and services provided to you by us and supersedes all previous (old or written) agreements made between us. Any additional or other terms you provide us with are important modifications and we refuse to do so. Offerings to sell products and perform services are clearly limited to the provisions of this Agreement. If you submit a purchase order or a service purchase document, it will be deemed to have accepted this Agreement and agreed to the terms thereof. The purchase order or any other terms or conditions that appear or are mentioned in any other document provided to us by you, and any prior transaction process, process, correlation, or coexistence agreements are excluded. Unless you and we agree in writing, this Agreement may not be amended or amended.
The law of compliance. This Agreement and its performance shall be governed by Korean law.