One-shot VMS™ Software

One-shot auto detection + Coordinate measuring

One-shot VMS™ Software

One-shot auto detection + Coordinate measuring

One-shot measurements on objects larger than real-time images

  • World’s first : One-shot measurement based on the XY coordinates output by the stage.
  • One-shot Freedom to measure from fine size to very large objects.
  • World’s highest precision : Below 1 um possible.
  • World’s fastest speed : 100 points measured in 1 second
  • When objects larger than real-time images how to work : Target object placed on stage à Just click to measure à Move the stage to the next measurement position à Just click to measure… Repeatable… automatically complete measurements.
넥스트에이오아이 One-shot VMS™ Software

Available in all microscopes, measuring microscopes and video systems

By installing the software on your computer and connecting the camera we recommend to your device, you can use our One-shot VMS Software.

A precision measurement of less than 1 um can be made.

With high magnification lenses, it is possible to measure repeatability of not more than 1 um. Generally, the higher the magnification of the lens, the better the precision.

sub-pixel detection

Robust pattern matching algorithm & measurement in 1 second

Even if you change the position and orientation of an object in the real-time image, more than 100 measurement points are automatically detected and measured in one second.

Same measurement results without individual error

Sources of random error
  1. Indivisual biological variation
  2. Measurement error
  3. Sampling error

Reliability system

The criteria used for inspection and calibration comply with the standards of international accredited calibration institutions to establish reliability as a national standard.

International standard
Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme)
National correctional agency
Reference scale
Secondary standard 
Precision coordinate measuring instrument
Common standard 
Reference scale
Measuring instrument to be calibrated
One-shot Video Measuring System

Multiple measurements: you can measure the same kinds of objects at once.

Simple operation: Use the mouse to set measurements and tolerances by combining points, lines, and circles.

Easy data management: Auto-save, automatically creates SQL databases, statistics, trend graphs, and analysis reports.

Support CAD: Export measurement results to a CAD DXF file and import them from a CAD drawing

Supported languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese... add languages

Recommended Image Sensor selectable

Color, CMOS
max FPS
3.1M / Sony IMX265
3.45 x 3.45
1146 mv
2048 x 1536
1/1.8 inch
20M / Sony IMX183
2.4 x 2.4
462 mv
5440 x 3648

Recommended PC key Specifications

  • OS (Windows 10, 64 bit)
  • CPU: Intel CORE™ i7-9th Gen
  • Main board: Gigabite B360M DS3H
  • RAM 16 GB, USB 3.0 port
  • MESEN™ one-shot software , SQL database, Manual measuring software

Where to Use

  • Press workpiece, injection, extrusion, sintering, stamping, molded parts
  • Automotive and mechanical parts: pin, chip, shaft, connector, oring, gasket, screw, spring
  • Electronic. Semiconductors, Smartphone parts: PCB, LCD parts, lead frame, camera module
  • Medical Parts, Implant Parts

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